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employee support services
Employee support services

What is an Automated Care Pathway?

Our Automated Care Pathways have been designed to transform the employee referral experience through an AI powered application that provides employee support services from the point of referral. It utilises a variety of digital tools such as daily self-assessments with various self-help activities, guided sessions and other employee benefits that are already available within your organisation.
Enhanced Employee Experience
Providing your people with structured, and consistent support through the referral process with self-help content, referral updates and more, ultimately enhancing the employees' referral experience.
Supporting Absence Reduction
Supporting your absence reduction strategy by providing your people with the support they need throughout the referral process and beyond with actionable self-help support powered AI Technology.
Increased Referral Engagement
Increased employee engagement with management referrals through regular updates explaining what happens next, helping the employee to feel at ease throughout the process, ultimately reducing the number of non-attendees to referral appointments.
Support That Is Available 24/7
Our AI Powered Automated Care Pathways Application allows you to provide your employees with wellbeing support that is available 24/7 throughout the referral process and beyond.

Why Invest In An Automated Care Pathway?

employee support service stat

of the workforce reported they would prefer to speak to a robot than their manager about mental health.

Oracle (2020)

employee support service stats

of employees want technology to support mental health in the workplace.

Oracle (2020)

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of organisations are using health and wellbeing applications to support their workforce.

People Management (2022)

employee support services stat

of employees are more likely to say that their mental health has improved over the last year if their employer offers an EAP.

MetLife (2022)



Automated Care Pathways

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